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Keep working on it.

Decent animation, though quite basic. No real storyline. Nothing really origonal, although it's very hard to find ANYTHING that is actually origonal.. The music didn't go along well with this animation though.. You should of spent more time picking out the music, then just putting on some music you liked. Overall it's decent. Work at it, and I'm sure you'll be a great flash artist someday..

Manga-Otaku responds:


Hey, but I appreciate the constructive criticism.


I honestly hesitated for a moment when I saw the title... Mainly because well... You know how newground users are.. ;)

But I loved every minute of it. Really awesome. Quite funny too! <3

Average Americans, eh? ;)

It's really funny. "Haha. Eslavos(sp?) means slave, not worker." lmao. Funny stuff... It only goes to show you why us Canadians should stay in Canada, where we are safe from being taken as slaves to build a swimming pool by someone who takes the bible world for word.

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Great job!

The finished product turned out really nicely. Good job Mr. Fury! I loved how you combined a fighting game, and a golfing game. In either case it put Mario Gold to shame! Keep up the great work.

.. Forest of Frozen Ferns. ):

The game was great.. Even though some levels seemed long and tedius...

UNFORTUNATLY! There was one level which I despised.. Forest of Frozen Ferns.. After playing it for a while I realized there wasn't going to be anything pop up for me to recharge Hitpoints... So then I was like "Well.. Lets see if I can gather as much gold as possible before dieing so I can get the life sucking upgrade..".. After dieing it brought all my gold down to 146.. And I realized there's no way for me to win now, all because I never leveled up the HP stealing ability...

I hate games that let you play all the way through until the end where you realize you made a mistake when you started playing and now you can't win without starting the game all over again.


That flashing acorn should be on the avoid side... Seriously.. It was just bad on my eye's.

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It got very annoying at times, such as the constant clapping in the start, and such..

Fanta5t1c responds:

lol! o yes, i hate this osng lol! listen to my newer stuff rather then this crap

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