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Great job!

The finished product turned out really nicely. Good job Mr. Fury! I loved how you combined a fighting game, and a golfing game. In either case it put Mario Gold to shame! Keep up the great work.

.. Forest of Frozen Ferns. ):

The game was great.. Even though some levels seemed long and tedius...

UNFORTUNATLY! There was one level which I despised.. Forest of Frozen Ferns.. After playing it for a while I realized there wasn't going to be anything pop up for me to recharge Hitpoints... So then I was like "Well.. Lets see if I can gather as much gold as possible before dieing so I can get the life sucking upgrade..".. After dieing it brought all my gold down to 146.. And I realized there's no way for me to win now, all because I never leveled up the HP stealing ability...

I hate games that let you play all the way through until the end where you realize you made a mistake when you started playing and now you can't win without starting the game all over again.


That flashing acorn should be on the avoid side... Seriously.. It was just bad on my eye's.

Great! Few pointers.

First.. In the "Other/Secrets", you mentioned "I'm pretty sure only you can see the message on the front page.".. This is incorrect! Everyone can see it.

Second! You have Police Lieutenant for 500-599, and then Police Captain for 1000-1499.. Police Lieutenant is actually more like 500-999... Other than those two mistakes I didn't notice any others.. I wouldn't mind seeing the forums spruced up to be slightly more friendly myself.. But that's newgrounds.. It has people posting up flash's of rotating penis's and "LOL OMFG LOL OLOLOLOLOLOLOLO!!!" =( Keep up the good work anyways!

Not bad..

It could do with a little sprucing up.. Perhaps music in the background..

You're great at drawing comics though... But I'd suggest working on the script a little. It tried to be funny, but missed.

WaldFlieger responds:

I don't really know what music could be added that would add to the comics and not just be distracting. I'll think about it though. I appreciate your comment about me being good at drawing comics, although I guess if they aren't funny it kind of is pointless. Can't please everyone, but I can keep trying harder.

Gundam! 8^^

Great job. Gundam stuff rocks. And your game is great too.. Keep up the good work!


Front page fo' sure. ;)

I'd love to be able to rotate my ships though..


Play the entire game. ;D

Aha. It rocked. Great job. Graphics were a little shotty, but it was still cool! Keep up the good work.

Only 1 major up..

You can upload what image you want to use, and it has a good face select oval..... Other than that it's pretty lame..

Only reason it gets a 2 in the humor department is because of a quote Arnold says, and well... Every quote George says. :)

Just awesome!

This is a really sweet Defence Game.. It should be on the front page for sure.

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