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Keep working on it.

Decent animation, though quite basic. No real storyline. Nothing really origonal, although it's very hard to find ANYTHING that is actually origonal.. The music didn't go along well with this animation though.. You should of spent more time picking out the music, then just putting on some music you liked. Overall it's decent. Work at it, and I'm sure you'll be a great flash artist someday..

Manga-Otaku responds:


Hey, but I appreciate the constructive criticism.


I honestly hesitated for a moment when I saw the title... Mainly because well... You know how newground users are.. ;)

But I loved every minute of it. Really awesome. Quite funny too! <3

Average Americans, eh? ;)

It's really funny. "Haha. Eslavos(sp?) means slave, not worker." lmao. Funny stuff... It only goes to show you why us Canadians should stay in Canada, where we are safe from being taken as slaves to build a swimming pool by someone who takes the bible world for word.


Most locks, clocks, and glocks just plain suck.. But you actually have talent.. Be thrilled to know you are the first lock I didn't try to blam! It's just a shame you have to be a lock and have your skills dragged down based on your name.

LAVAGASM responds:

Well I'm honoured that you did not try to blam me. I'm not only a lock, I do other types of work too, so not all is "wasted" as you so put it. Glad you enjoyed it.

Get help!!

This is like the type of flash someone that's about to go shooting people at his school makes.. Get help fast!! It's just a phase!! You'll get past it!!! Calm down! Talk to someone, trust me it will help!

Catoblepas responds:

Lol, you obviously can't tell the difference between Fantasy and reality. This cartoon was made for nothing more than Random violence, and believe it or not theres an audience out there that this appeals to. So don't try judging my Mental health based upon a simple animation, capisce?


I know blamming your flash does no good because all your clock/glock/lock, and what ever the hell else buddies will come vote 5.. But it's still crap, no matter how hard you try, or rather don't try...

TruffleClock responds:

Do you think I care?


That's so horrible!!! What's that horrible sound- it's like a cat getting put through a blender while on fire!! GAH!!!


Automatic blam for using the Veronica Mars theme (G.A.V. - G.H.A.S.V?)

One of my person favourites!

Where to start... PALADIN is pure genious. I love how the Paladin has wings, I love how the crow makes hilarius comebacks, the voices are just awesome, and the art.. The art is unbelievably awesome! Cudos to you!!

((PS: I voted you my number 1 choice for best Flash of January. Good luck, my fingers are crossed! ^^))

It's not bad..

Some parts I found humorous.. And I'm pretty sick and tired of vulgar jokes.. Just keep trying.. You'll get it sooner or later!!

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